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Bad Cooking Habits That Need To Be Gotten Rid Of

healthy cooking habits

When it comes to cooking, you probably did not even realize that the small things that you did were not the right things to do. Small changes in cooking techniques can make way for the cooking of more delicious and healthy food.

These are the top bad cooking habits that you need to get rid of as soon as possible:

1. Not preheating the cooking surface properly
It might seem like a torture to preheat the oven or grill when you are hungry. But, it is actually a very essential step and amazing cooks always make sure to follow this. So, why is it so necessary?
Rather, it is known to increase your cooking time if you do not preheat your cooking surface properly. It also causes the food to be cooked unevenly. An improperly heated cooking surface causes the food to stick as well. This causes the food to burn. It also makes it cleaning these cooking surfaces even harder. The stains get too adamant.

2. Overheating during a preheat
Most recipes start off with heating the cooking oil in a pan. Usually the stove takes a little time to warm up. So, what most people do is they engage in some other work till then. This leads to overheating during a preheat and pushes the oil to its smoke point.
It is a very wrong conception that it is the right time to cook when you see strands of smoke being emitted by the oil. This is a very unhealthy way to cook. This is because not only do cooking oils taste bad after they are heated to or over their smoke point, but they also start losing the beneficial antioxidants and begin forming harmful compounds. It is very important to heat the cooking surface till the oil shimmers and then cook food. Do not overheat the oil.

3. Dipping and sweeping the flour
Many people have this habit of using a cup as a measurement and then dipping the cup into the container of flour and dumping it into the bowl. This is a very wrong method to follow as it gives you more flour than you actually need. When you dip in the cup, the flour is stuffed in it and is actually an over-quantity. Using a spoon is the right way to properly fill the flour in the cup.

4. Overfilling and over-stirring
Many people overfill their pans with the ingredients and this leaves way too much of pulpy mass in the end. Especially during sautéing, overfilling the pan causes the food to stem up and this does not give you the crispy results that you need. Even while cooking meat, overfilling causes the temperature of the pan to lower too quickly which leads to a number of issues like sticking and partial cooking of the meat. It is very important to be patient and give it the extra time so that it cooks better.
It is also a bad habit of many to stir the food continuously. This is not at all needed. Over-stirring the food can be a very bad thing as it lowers the taste of food. Most of all, it prevents browning which is essential to get a wonderful taste in food. Browning occurs when you allow the food to sit for some time in the heat while not stirring it. This is a major flavor booster and you should allow it. Stir only when needed. Do not overdo it.

5. High heating nonstick pans with metal utensils
It is very important to turn down the heat when using nonstick pans. This is because on high heat, the nonstick lining can release perfluorocarbons through fumes. It is a fact that perfluorocarbons have been connected to serious health problems like liver damage and various developmental problems as well. It is also important to make sure that you do not use metal utensils while cooking in nonstick pans. This is because when cooking with metal utensils, a lot of scratching takes place and the scratches in the nonstick lining can cause you to directly ingest the perfluorocarbons. It is important to use wooden or rubber utensils that are heat safe when cooking in nonstick pans.

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