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Benefits of Mustard Oil

Benefits of Mustard Oil | KMP Oil
Mustard Oil, in the Indian kitchen, is irreplaceable.

The benefits of mustard oil are countless, making it an essential ingredient for cooking.

The word mustard oil is actually used for two different types of oils that are made primarily from mustard seeds:

• Fatty vegetable oil which results from pressing the seeds,

• An essential oil which results from grinding the seeds, mixing them with water, and extracting the resulting volatile oil by the process of distillation.

The pungent smell of the mustard oil is primarily due to the presence of allyl isothiocyanate, an activator of the TRPA1 channel.

This oil has a distinctive pungent taste, characteristic of all plants in the mustard family such as cabbage, cauliflower, turnip, radish, horseradish or wasabi.

It is mainly used for cooking in North India, Eastern India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Pakistan.

In Bengal, Odisha, Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, and Nepal, it is the traditionally preferred oil for cooking.

This oil is supposed to make up about 30% of the mustard seeds.

It can be produced from black mustard which is also known as Brassica nigra, brown Indian mustard, and white mustard also referred as the B. hirta.

Benefits of Mustard Oil

1. Reduces the Risk of Cancer
Studies suggest that mustard oil actually has strong and effective cancer-fighting properties.
It contains effective amounts of linolenic acid, which when converted to an omega-3 fatty acid which helps to prevent stomach and colon cancers.

2. Has Cardiovascular Benefits
Mustard oil primarily contains rich and large amounts of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids as well as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.
Studies say that these good fats lower your risk of developing ischemic heart disease by 50%.

3. It acts as a Natural Stimulant
Mustard oil acts as a very effective natural stimulant.
It primarily improves your digestion and appetite by stimulating digestive juices and bile in the liver and spleen. When massaged into the skin, it tries to stimulate your circulatory system and sweat glands.
This actually ensures improved blood circulation throughout the body and enlarged skin pores through sweating.

4. Stimulates Sensation in the Muscles
When feeling numbness in your muscles, massaging it with some mustard oil may result in you to slowly start gaining some sensation in your muscles.

5. Relieve from cold and cough
As it has a pungent nature, mustard oil is used to cure a cold and cough since ages.
It actually contains a heating property that clears up the congestion in the respiratory tract of your body.
It works best when combined with garlic and massaged on the chest and back.

6. It eases joint pain and arthritis
Regular massaging with mustard oil on your skin may work wonders in curing all the joint aches and arthritis by increasing blood flow circulation throughout your body.

7. Improves Functioning of the Organs
Massaging done with mustard oil actually intensively refreshes the body and improves the functioning of your organs by increasing the blood flow to all parts of your body.
Mustard oil massages for newborn babies are quite popular practices in many nations.
Studies have shown that the common reasons to use mustard oil for massage is to promote strength, maintain health, and provide warmth to their body.

8. Has Antibacterial and Anti-inflammatory Properties
Mustard oil is supposed to contain antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.
Its anti-inflammatory properties are due to the presence of selenium, which primarily reduces pain and swelling, therefore, easing joint pain.
This anti-inflammatory property of mustard oil is used in the formulation of anti-inflammatory medication.

9. It is beneficial for Asthma
Asthma is a disease which has no permanent cure.
But its symptoms and effects can be controlled or managed and also greatly reduced by the use of mustard oil.
This is referred to be one the safest and most effective cures to treat asthma.
You can also reduce the effect of asthma attacks by swallowing a mixture of one tablespoon each of mustard oil and honey, three times a day.

10. It boosts Brain Function
The high concentration of fatty acids in mustard oil is known to boost brain function and help treat depression by recent studies.
They are also said to boost memory and improve cognitive functions in the brain.
This property is highly beneficial for children, especially during their exams.

11. It lightens the Skin Tone
Mustard oil is primarily rich in vitamins A, B complex, and E and all of this promotes anti-aging which leads to a healthy skin.
If you use it regularly, you will start to notice that your skin tone is actually getting lighter by time. It also reduces the signs of aging by delaying the onset of wrinkles.

12. It stimulates Hair Growth
Regular hair massages with mustard oil keep the scalp nourished and healthy.
Mustard oil actually stimulates hair growth by increasing blood circulation in the scalp.
It actually contains protein which is a major component of hair and also omega-3 fatty acids – both of which nourishes your hair and promote hair growth.
The antibacterial properties of the mustard oil are supposed to prevent hair loss and to ensure healthy hair growth.

Thus, to conclude we can say that the benefits of mustard oil are many in number making it the most preferred choice for cooking among households.