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Benefits of Oryzanol

Rice Bran Oil | KMP Oil
Lately with rice being consumed as a staple diet over half of the country, one can always imply the fact of its abundance.

Rice Bran Oil which is rich in Oryzanol is yet another product of the technology India has advanced in the agricultural domain which has long embarked upon an evolution.

The bran or the outer layer of a grain of rice is all that makes up for the starting materials to manufacture the rice bran oil.

The oil is extracted from these husks and is collected up in vessels whose size vary according to the need.

What makes this oil special among the species of vegetable oils is its Oryzanol content which serves up a number of benefits to its consumers.

What we thought of Oryzanol more over a decade ago has now changed with the worldwide consumption of Rice Bran Oil which has reportedly helped to lower the cholesterol and anxiety levels.

Let’s see how good it gets with the consumption of Oryzanol rich KMP’s Rice Bran Oil.

But first things first.

What is Oryzanol?

Derived from the fat fraction of the outer layer of rice grains, Gamma Oryzanol belongs to the class of hydrophobic fatty acids and their derivatives.

Equipped with the ability to reduce the absorption rate from the consumed food, it helps to cure high levels of cholesterol.

It’s one of the most useful components found in the rice bran oil, what with its abilities to deal with anxiety and menopausal issues.

Packed up with various uses, Oryzanol is all about the benefits which we are yet about to count down the following listing.

Make sure to get hands on some rice bran oil to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Benefits of Oryzanol

Helps reducing high levels of cholesterol

High cholesterol levels have yet become one of the most common health issues bringing about risks in one’s lifetime.

However, since prevention is always better than cure why not switch to Rice Bran Oil, especially the ones from KMP.

These from KMP undergo extra purification through the latest technological standards.

The Oryzanol content pulls up the rate of absorption from the food consumed and thus treats high levels of cholesterol with no practical compromising.

Helps treat Anxiety – Neuroprotective

Studies have shown that people diagnosed with anxiety when switched to rice bran oil had overcome their anxiety issues at a comparatively faster rate than the ones who consumed normal vegetable oils.

The Oryzanol content is equipped with remedial properties which help treat anxieties by pulling down the levels of oxidative stress allies disorders.

Prevents Cancer One of the most elite properties that Gamma Oryzanol possess is its anti-carcinogenic ones which as the name suggests prevents any possible cancer occurrence.

Oryzanol thus is also known to prevent tissue damages.

Reduce high levels of TSH Serum

Equipped with its prestigious properties, Oryzanol is also capable of reducing high levels of TSH Serum which brands it out as the remedy which can cure and prevent Thyroid.

A must switch over for any person diagnosed with Thyroid.

Prevents Diabetes Oryzanol prevents diabetes as it pulls down on one of the factors responsible for diabetes which is, Oxidant stress disorders.

Switching over to rice bran oil provides one with rich level consumption of Oryzanol thus a chance to prevent diabetes and other health issues.

Beneficial for skin and hair

We might as well pull on this one fact that Oryzanol isn’t only concentrated upon the domain of vegetable oils but also cosmetic products like moisturising cream owing to its skin beneficial properties.

Effective against Cirrhosis

Bad personal habits like excessive alcohol consumption can bring about damage to both the liver and kidney. However, consumption of Oryzanol Helps one treat liver problems including that of Cirrhosis.