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Benefits of Vegetable Oil

Benefits of Vegetable Oils | KMP Edible Oil
Vegetable oils are extracted from different seeds of the plants or certain fruits.

Most commonly it is extracted from Soya Bean (Soya oil), Rapeseed (Canola oil), Sunflower oil, coconut oil, etc.

Different types of vegetable oil

1. Major oils

• Rapeseed oil (most widely used cooking oil)
• Olive oil (used for cooking, making soaps and as fuel in oil lamps)
• Safflower oil (used in paint industry)
• Soya Bean oil (widely consumed cooking oil)
• Coconut oil (used for cooking, also used as a cosmetic for hair)
• Sunflower oil (most widely used cooking oil)
• Mustard oil
• Rice Bran oil
• Sesame oil
• Cottonseed oil

2. Citrus oils

• Lemon oil (Used for enhancing flavor)
• Orange oil (Used as a fragrance)

3. Nut oils

• Hazelnut oil (mainly used for taking care of skin)
• Walnut oil (Used for flavor)
• Pine nut oil (Mainly used for cooking)
• Cashew oil (Serve the purpose for cooking and adding flavor)

4. Gourd Oils

• Bitter Gourd oil (Has anti-carcinogenic property)
• Bottle Gourd oil (Used for cooking)
• Pumpkin Seed Oil (Used mostly for salad dressing)
And many other edible oils like Apple Seed oil, Avocado oil, Ben oil, etc.


There are many vegetable oils that are consumed directly or indirectly as ingredients or supplement of food.

We put oil in our food for a variety of purpose such as:-

• Flavor – Many vegetable oils like almond oils serve the purpose for adding delightful flavor in our food.

• Oil helps to preserve the texture of the food. It prevents the food from being sticky.

Now, let us talk about the health benefits of vegetable oil(Remember an oil having a huge percentage of unsaturated fats as compared to saturated fats is always considered better):-

• Vegetable oils are primarily a rich source of Vitamin E, D, and A. They are rich in anti – oxidants which slow down our aging process (keeps our body younger), and also prevent cancer.

• Many vegetable oils like Corn oil reduce the risk of heart diseases by preventing oxidative damage to our heart.

• They provide very high energy in our body imparts very high palatability in our diets and also helps in thermal insulation.

• Vegetable oil prevents hair loss, keeps our hairs stronger and flexible from the very roots and also fights scalp irritation and dandruff.

• Vegetable oil that consists of unsaturated fatty acids helps in lowering down the bad cholesterol namely “LDL”.

Sunflower oil is regarded as the best vegetable oil having the maximum health benefits having high vitamin E content (37 % DV per serving) and contains 90 % of unsaturated fatty acids and 10% of saturated fatty acids.

Black-Current seed oil is highly used as a food supplement because it is enriched with the health benefits of Omega-6-fatty acids and Omega-3-fatty acids.

Cooking oil is good for health.

It is highly recommended that every day we must consume 25 gram of oil and fat.

Consuming too much oil might make you feel nauseated, sick; can cause stomach burn and indigestion.

Other Industrial Uses

Apart from the health benefits of vegetable oil, they also serve other benefits too.

Here are a few:-

• Has many industrial uses such as making soaps, skin products, candles, perfumes, etc.

• It can also be used to produce biodegradable hydraulic fluid and lubricant.

• Nylon 11 which is a poly-amide bio-plastic is produced from Castor seed oil.

• Vegetable oils are also used in the making of many pet foods.

• Many vegetable oils are also recycled and this recycled oil has numerous uses. They are used in the production of biodiesel, soaps, detergents, and cosmetics.

• It has been estimated that if we start using vegetable oil by replacing fossil fuel then there will be a tremendous rise in the Green House Gas savings.

It should be remembered that Vegetable oils are quite prone to oxidation from the exposure of air, heat, and sunlight, such that they lead to the formation of oxidative products such as peroxides and hydroperoxides.

Due to this Vegetable oils have little shelf life.

They should not be exposed in the open and should be kept isolated.

For any further details, you can visit the site of KMP where you will find a lot of brands, recipes and more detailed information about different kinds of oil products and their related benefits.