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Best Cooking Oil for Health | KMP Oil
August 16, 2019

Benefits of Vegetable Oil

Vegetable oils are extracted from different seeds of the plants or certain fruits. Most commonly it is extracted from Soya Bean (Soya oil), Rapeseed (Canola oil), Sunflower oil, coconut oil, etc. Different types of vegetable oil 1. Major oils • Rapeseed oil (most widely used cooking oil) • Olive oil (used for cooking, making soaps and as fuel in oil lamps) • Safflower oil (used
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Best Cooking Oil for Health | KMP Oil
Losing weight and being healthy is a trend now. A fantastic trend indeed. Being overweight is not something anyone would want. Not only does it bring excess stress to the joints and cause hindrance in carrying out day-to-day activities like walking and moving around, it brings along various other complications. Having a high body fat percentage is actually one of the biggest challenges on
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Best Cooking Oil for Health | KMP Oil
One of the most interesting facts about coconut oil is that it is actually one of the highest selling oils in the market. Coconut oil has always been on demand but, in recent times, there has been a major hike in its popularity. Coconut oil is the star of the show in the edible oil industry right now. Be it in manufacturing or retailer shelves, coconut oil is extremely popular right n
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Best Cooking Oil for Health | KMP Oil
There are various different grades of olive oil that one can use to enhance a particular dish. Especially, extra virgin olive oil. The taste and flavor it adds to a particular dish are so mesmerizingly straightforward that it definitely tops the list of being the best grade of olive oil. It is also the highest quality of olive oil and hence, is the most expensive of all the grades. One
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Best Cooking Oil for Health | KMP Oil
June 21, 2019

Healthy Cooking Habits

Consuming or eating healthy diet food doesn’t always mean giving up your favorite foods. Your favorite food recipes can actually be adapted easily to provide yourself a healthier alternative. This is why one needs to follow their own healthy cooking habits to stay strong and healthy. There are several ways to make your meals healthier by limiting bad fats, sugars and salt and instea
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Best Cooking Oil for Health | KMP Oil
Mustard Oil, in the Indian kitchen, is irreplaceable. The benefits of mustard oil are countless, making it an essential ingredient for cooking. The word mustard oil is actually used for two different types of oils that are made primarily from mustard seeds: • Fatty vegetable oil which results from pressing the seeds, • An essential oil which results from grinding the seeds, mixing the
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