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Sunflower Oil

Oil is an essential ingredient for cooking in India as well as in other parts of the world. Oil is used to fry and add flavour to the food. While preparing a dish, fish, vegetables and meat are fried at first for the proper cooking of the recipe and rendering taste to the food. Proper amount of edible oil in the food are a source of vitamins and fatty acids in our body, but consumption of excess....
Oil is an essential ingredient in our daily diet. Oil provides essential nutrients to help maintain body functions. Choosing the right oil for a healthy life is important. While choosing oil, it’s important to know how healthy it is. Different types of oils • Coconut Oil - extracted from the white part of the coconut. It adds a nutty flavour and good texture to the food. Coconut oil is known to ....
Can we really contest the absolute necessity of oils in the Indian household? It is such an unequivocal part of our daily diet that we cannot cook without an oil of some sort. One of the oldest oils of the Indian kitchen has been sunflower seed oil. It has been used for centuries in the Indian culinary pot, and recent study shows it has a whole range of benefits that make is a good oil to retain f....