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The Smoke Point of Your Cooking Oil: Why It Matters?

cooking oils with high smoke points
There are certain small things that need to be taken care of to ensure that you and your family have a healthy eating habit.

The smoke point of your cooking oil is one such small thing which, if not been careful about, can have some serious impact on your overall health.

All the cooking oils that are used across the globe have a certain smoke point.

These cooking oils, when overheated, begin to smoke and break down. This leads to oxidation of the oil when it is breaking down.

The parts of the oil that get oxidized cause cell damage and this increases the risk of cancer significantly.

So, what is the smoke point of an oil?

The temperature at which a particular oil when heated up, causes it to burn and smoke, is the smoke point of the oil.

There is a wide variation in the smoke point of the different cooking oils. In other words, the more refined a particular cooking oil is, the higher is its smoke point.

This is simply because, when a cooking oil is refined, the free fatty acids and impurities are removed which causes the oil to smoke.

Why does it matter?

When a cooking oil is heated past its smoke point, not only does it add a burnt flavor to the food, but also destroys the beneficial nutrients and essential phytochemicals found in the unrefined oils.

Harmful radicals are also released through the overheating of cooking oils.

Along with a clear appearance, there is a typical neutral taste and odor to refined oils.For example, as light olive oil is a refined oil, it has a higher smoke point of 486 degrees Fahrenheit than extra virgin olive oil, which is non-refined and has a lower smoke point of 410 degrees Fahrenheit.

It is always a great idea to choose cooking oils with high smoke points.

The amount of oil that is oxidized is also greatly minimized through the usage of these cooking oils.

And, that is exactly where soybean oil, rice bran oil and sunflower oil come in.

Because of their high smoke points of 490 degrees Fahrenheit and 440 degrees Fahrenheit respectively, they make for the best cooking oils that are not only healthy but can be used to cook and bake almost anything and everything.

However, for low temperature cooking or for salad dressings and adding touch-ups to dishes, choose oils that are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids as they prevent in keeping heart diseases at bay and ensure good health.

Such type of oils are also very well known for their anti-inflammatory properties because of being rich in Omega-3 fatty acids.

So, here is a table to make it easy for you to choose the right cooking oil for the right purposes:
Cooking Oils Smoke Point (In Fahrenheit)
Soybean Oil 492 degrees Fahrenheit
Rice Bran Oil 490 degrees Fahrenheit
Sunflower Oil 450 degrees Fahrenheit
Grapeseed Oil 420 degrees Fahrenheit
Virgin Olive Oil 420 degrees Fahrenheit
Canola Oil 400 degrees Fahrenheit
Coconut Oil 350 degrees Fahrenheit
Extra Virgin Olive Oil 320 degrees Fahrenheit
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