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Diabetes – Food Myth-Busters!

Diabetes myth

Diabetes is a very serious condition and the harsh reality is that it causes more deaths in a year than AIDs and breast cancer combined. Diabetes can lead to various complications, but the good news is that you can completely evade these risks by managing your diabetes efficiently beforehand. (
It is a very widely believed misconception as well that people with diabetes need to follow a severely strict diet. Whereas, the reality is that they can eat anything that a normal person eats.

So, here are the top diabetes myth related to diabetes that are busted for you:
1. People who have diabetes cannot have the same foods that the rest of their family eats
This is absolutely untrue and in reality, people with diabetes can have the same foods as their family does. As per the current nutrition guidelines, there is a lot of freedom in food consumption for those who have diabetes. Be it their favorite foods or the ones made on special occasions, they can absolutely have it without any issues. However, of course, everything in moderation is the key to good health.
Having diabetes or not, everyone should follow a healthy diet one which has vegetables, fruits, lean protein foods, the ‘good’ fats and whole grains.
So, if you have diabetes, there is absolutely no need to have your food cooked separately from the rest of the family.

2. Starchy foods should be avoided as they raise the glucose level in the blood and make you gain weight
Carbohydrates are a major energy source of the body and starchy foods like bread, rice and cereal are rich in it. There is weight gain when you consume more than you burn. A regular exercise pattern needs to be followed in order to prevent weight gain and have a healthy lifestyle.
So, the key is to know the amount of the different food groups you need to consume to keep high blood glucose levels at bay.
In fact, whole grain and fiber-rich starchy foods will give you the right nutrition, even if you have diabetes.

3. Food cravings should never be given in to by people with diabetes 4.
It is not just about people with diabetes. People who don’t also have food cravings. We all have food cravings at some point. People with diabetes cut on their calorie intake drastically and eradicate sweets from their diet. This makes the body react to such drastic changes by causing cravings. Such cravings are often targeted to the want of sweet foods.
So, it is important to not drastically cut on sweets and calorie intake but take it slow. Also, make a diabetic meal plan which has room for a bit of sweets. In this way, the cravings are kept in check and you are also prevented from overeating later on. (

4. Sugar-free products are the way to go
No matter in which grocery store you go, you will find a large section of sugar-free and processed foods. Do not go by the label and purchase it. They are way more harmful as most of these products contain a lot of carbs, calories or fats.

5. You can eat whatever you want when on medication

A diabetes medication does not give you the pass to eat whatever you want as often as you can. It is always important to maintain a healthy diet and take the prescribed medication to keep your diabetes under control.
Plus, consumption of unhealthy foods or consuming too many calories will cause hindrance in the proper working of your medications. They are neither good for you overall health. (