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How a Good Cooking Oil can Lead to Good Health

Good Cooking Oil | KMP Oil
Selecting the right oil for you and your family is perhaps one of the most difficult tasks.

Whenever we purchase any oil product, most of us are unaware of the fact, whether the oil is suitable for providing health benefits or not.

Before talking about the health benefits of good cooking oil, we are going to analyze which oils can be considered as good cooking oils and which one as bad, in the light of health.

It is highly recommended to check the nutrient label behind any oil product before making any purchase.

This way you would be able to know whether the oil is suitable for cooking or not.

• Oil is said to be healthy when it contains high MUFA (Mono Unsaturated Fatty Acid) and PUFA (Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acid) in comparison to saturated and trans fatty acid (SFA).

• It should be high in omega -3- fatty acid (mainly) and omega -6- fatty acid (slightly). Too much omega -6- fatty acid can lead to the inflammation of the skin. It should not contain omega -9- fatty acid which is considered as a toxic to the body. A healthy ratio of omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids should be maintained which is generally 1:1 or 2:1.

• High quantity of vitamin E, D and A should be present.

Let us look at the list of some good healthy oils first that satisfies the above points.

• Canola oil (considered as the best oil for cooking with 63.3% MUFA and 28.1% PUFA. Total UFA is 91.4% and total SFA is 7.4%)

• Sunflower oil (Total UFA is 85.2% and total SFA is 10.3%)

• Avocado oil (Total UFA is 84.1% and total SFA is 11.6%)

• Corn oil (Total UFA is 82.3% and total SFA is 12.9%)

• Linseed oil (Total UFA is 86.2% and total SFA is 9%)

• Safflower oil (Total UFA is 88% and total SFA is 7.5%)

There are some oils which are considered unsuitable for cooking purposes.

• Coconut oil (Total UFA is 8% and total SFA is 82.5%)

• Palm oil (Total UFA is 46.3% and total SFA is 49.3%)

• Cottonseed oil (Total UFA is 2.1% and total SFA is 93.6%)

Now let us look at the benefits of good cooking oil:-

• Good cooking oil consists of vitamin E which is an antioxidant that prevents aging and cell death. It reduces the chances of cancer and tumor. This promotes cell growth and protects body tissue such as skin, eyes, face, etc.

• It reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and prevents high blood pressure. This will lead to the reduction of heart disease and eliminates blood clots. MUFA and PUFA helps in lowering the bad cholesterol namely LDL and provides a protective layer to the heart.

• Omega -3- fatty acids present in these oils at high quantity can prevent inflammation of body parts, autoimmune diseases, and other chronic diseases.

• These oils provide us with high energy and possess a high smoking point which indicates that it can preserve its nutritional benefits even at high temperature.

• These oils raise HDL (good cholesterol) which in turn reduces LDL (bad cholesterol). Now let us look at some risks involved:-

• Bad and unsuitable cooking oil can lead to an increase in bad cholesterol which can further increase the chances of a heart attack.

• Unbalanced omega 6 and omega 3 ratios like 20:1 can lead to serious problems like inflammation of skin and body parts, autoimmune diseases and other heart diseases.

Keep yourself and your family healthy by taking the right decision about choosing the right type of oil.

This is where KMP oil makes a difference than the rest of the oil brands.

KMP understands you and your family and provides you with top quality oil products.