Veg Receipe

  • 22Feb

    Garlic mushroom

    Make a paste of all the ingredients mentioned under garlic paste. You can also skip blending and mix up red chili powder, minced garlic and rest of the ingredients with water as needed.

  • 22Feb

    Vegetable Fried Rice Recipe

    To prepare Vegetable Fried Rice Recipe, wash the rice well. Take rice in a container and add water to boil. Add peas so that it gets cooked along with rice.

  • 22Feb

    Sesame Peanut Potato Mix Recipe

    To begin making the Sesame Peanut Potato Mix, heat oil in a kadhai and add curry leaves, white sesame seeds, green chillies and saute for 2 minute on low flame.

  • 22Feb


    Soak ivy gourd in a large pot filled with water. Rinse them well under running water. Nip off the edges and chop them to desired size.

  • 22Feb


    Wash & peel banana. Make sure the inner skin has been removed completely.

  • 22Feb

    Crispy Vegetable In Schezwan Sauce

    To begin with the Crispy Vegetable In Schezwan Sauce Recipe, Wash and cut all the vegetables lengthwise and soak in water and add little salt to water,